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Trying to find a certain k2 luv

Doesn't look like many people post here, but I was wondering if anyone knows a lot about k2 luv skis. I have a pair on sports authority, but I wanted to be able to find them online before I bought them. Unfortunately, I can't remember the specific name, and can't find any that look like them online. They're black with pink details (K2 and breast cancer ribbon). Sorry I don't remember much else about them, but they do appear to be intermediate skis. I'm not looking to buy anything amazing (can't afford it and don't really care), I'm just tired of paying for rentals with the amount I ski. They're a really good price.

If you know anything about them please respond

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yea i know about the k2 love skis. my mom has the k2 one love skis and she loves them, she has had them for years and they were the ski of the year when she bought them. they are great. i think these may be them. i would suggest that you buy online because you can find way better deals. i looked aroung a little bit and THIS is the best i could find. this site has great pics and prices.
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