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Twin tips for teaching?


Brand new member here on a phone so hard to research the old posts...I am a Level I PSIA instructor at a small eastern resort. Lots of ice, slush, fake snow, but sometimes the real stuff. I want a twin tip that'll do it all and allow me to ride switch as I often do in lessons to observe my students behind me. Not a park skier but would like to get some butters down and small jumps. Something light (carry my gear a lot) and attractive without going over 500 bucks. No hurry, sprained ankle from sketchy skydive last summer still hurts but I can still turn fairly well this year. 37 years old but decent shape. Nothing longer than a 160 cm. What ski is best for me?


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IDK if they still make them, but my Line FX 7.3 Darkstars are a semi twin tip design. Skiing switch is easy and the rear tips don't catch. But they're a great all mountain ski for the icy conditions we have here in the east. Very pretty skis too. Matte yellow and navy.

My Quiver of two:

Line FX 7.3 Darkstars
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my 2010 threats by salamon seem to fit the description.
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