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Twins as an all mountain (K2 Silencer or Line 1260)?

Just rediscovering skiing after taking many years off, and I'm planning to splurge on a nice, well-fitting pair of boots to start off with. Since the bulk of my budget is going to the boots, I'm looking to spend ~200 on a pair of skis to last me for 1 or 2 seasons.

I figured I'd buy some used skis, something in 160-165 length. I ski in Tahoe, mostly groomed runs, some off-piste, periodic powder; so I'm looking for pretty much a light, nimble all-mountain ski, say with a relatively deep sidecut (R=13-18) for fast turns/nimbleness, yet with decent handling on the occassional fast run. (btw, I'm 5'9" 155lbs).

I found that I can get either the K2 Silencer ($200) or Line 1260 ($250) new; both are twin tips, though I'm not really a parks guy (yet ... I might at some point try this later).

So I'd appreciate folks' advise on how the K2 Silencer and Line 1260 would stack up for me, how well they handle carving and other all-mountain conditions?

Another option may be the K2 Public Enemy, although it's closer to $300 new.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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I have the same questions but from what I heard, the silencer are good, cheap skis.
And you can use them as an all-round ski too.


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K2 silencers. I know someone who has them. They seem good.
But personally I don't like any.
go with k2 hellbents. twin tip and good for powder.
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