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Volkl Mantras adequate for East Coast?

Hey Guys,

Just spent a week skiing in Vail, Copper, and Aspen. I demoed the Volkl Mantras (170s), K2 Apaches (177s), K2 Public enemy (169s), and Fischer Watea 84s (176s).

I didn't particularly like the Apaches. I'm 5'9" and perhaps the 177s were too long but the ski felt somewhat sluggish and oddly heavy (I was skiing back bowls of vail but the snow was not very heavy so I don't think this made the ski feel heavier).

The K2 Public enemies seemed like pretty nice skis but at 169 they seemed too short. Unfortunately, the demo shop did not have a longer set so I didn't get a chance to test another pair. I tested these on a powdery day at copper and also found that they didn't seem to float as well as I would like, when I hit occasional drifts they would bog down fairly badly.

The Fischer Watea 84s seemed like a ok ski to me, however, after using them for about an hour or so, I found that I didn't like their slower larger turning radius.

The Volkl Mantras were by far my favorite ski. In 170 length I found I could turn on a dime and just fly through crud and all sorts of things. I skiied them for a day at Aspens Main Mountain and then spent the next day on the highlands. The Mantras were just awesome on the highlands, I did the highland bowl and they just floated perfectly skiing down but at the same time allowed for great short tight turns. They also worked beautifully on some warmer slush type powder and seemed great on harder packed snow and groomers.

My question is this: does anyone ski the Mantras out east? I'm a college student in Massachusetts and like to go skiing on weekends up in vermont and canada. Does anyone use the mantras for this sort of application? Also, I'm planning on doing some hiking with the skis and think I might get the Mantras with Marker Duke bindings. What do people think of this idea? As for my skiing style, I feel that I'm pretty competent. I've been down almost everything at Vail, Aspen, Copper, Alta, Snowbird, as well as tons of places back east (killington, stowe, etc).

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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