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Volkl Mantras VS K2 Seths VS High Society FR's

Hi all,

I just moved to Colorado from NY and am in the market for new skis and bindings. Never owned a mid fat or powder ski before, and i have very limited knowlege about any equipment especially bindings. After Demoing some skis I am torn between last years model (red) 184 Volkl Mantras, this years High society Free Rides, or 06 model of K2 Seths. I am leaning towards the mantras, but I'd be curious to get comparative input and opinions, especially about the HSFRs since I know the least about them. Also Looking at the Line Prophet!

about me
h: 5'11
w: 140lbs
skier type: advanced, aggresive
skies needed for : all mountain, 80% back country and trees 20% other... not much park .... powder!
current skies: Salomon Xfree 09c 170(dont use much any more but learned on these) Dynastar intuitive 69c 175 (mostly on these) , Volkl Vertigo G3 191 (too long but fun)

Also please any advice on solid bindings for reccomended ski ... currently on marker 12's set at 11... would like something higher and better quality, but not too pricey

thanks for any help, and sorry that I'm not better versed when it comes to ski talk

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i think the seth and the phophet 100s were on the freeskier top 10 this year
ive never heard of the hsfr and heard positive and negative things about mantras
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