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Waist size new skis for Wifey

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I'm looking to get some new skis for my wife who has been skiing for 2 seasons here in Southeast WI.

She just beginning to parallel and is very happy to ski the hill very leisurely doing S turns. So I feel it's now time for her to move to a newer ski.

She currently skiing on 160 Rossi Super Axuim with a 69 waist that are probably at least 5 years old. Her boots were new last year (Lange Venus 60).

I would like to get her some Rossi Temptations 84 in a 162 length waist 84.

So I'm wondering if the waist will be to much for her? Being she is just getting into dynamic turning.

Thanks for you thoughts

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It would be worth demoing new skis and seeing what excites her if that option is available to you. Turning will likely feel strange to her with a much wider waist as obviously it will take longer to move from edge to edge. You don't give us any idea on your wifes height and weight which will make a differance to what skis she might be better off with. It might be better if your wife checks out theskidiva which is a forum specifically for women skiers. I have had some very good feedback/advice from them before and the site is a little more active than this one.
You may find that if your wife is a piste skier and progressing quickly that she might be better off hanging on to what shes got for another season or 2 before getting new skis as possibly by then she may be looking at doing more off piste stuff?
My partner "kindly" bought me new skis without consultation, I am struggling with them big time! Unless they are mean't to be a surprise gift I strongly suggest you involve her in the buying/choosing process.
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