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Warm Baselayers

Hi everyone,

Am looking for some advice on warm baselayers. I'm quite a cold person (I can thank my Mum's circulation problems for that) and so when I go skiing or boarding I find that although I'm fine (if a little hot) on the slopes, I'm freezing on the ski lifts. So I thought I'd actually look into something more hi-tec than my regular cotton tshirt!

The best thing I've found so far I think is the Helly Hansen "HH Warm" range "for activities that involve a lot of stop and go, normally involving you freezing due to excessive moisture being built up and then cooled down". That sounds about right to me.

There are 4 tops in the range (http://www.hellyhansen.com/W06/index.php?menu=5):

Freeze 1/2 Zip Turtle
Frost V-Neck
Hybrid Zip Turtle
Ice Crew

and for the life of me, I can't work out what the differences are between them!

So, two questions for you all:

1) Anyone know the differences between the 4 HH Warm tops?
2) Can anyone recommend any other similar base layers to the HH Warm range?



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If you want some good base layers, look into Medalist, I have been using Medalist base layer for awhile now and love them. I am betting they are cheaper than HH, and just as effective. Cheers
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