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What ski should I get?

I've been skiing for about 10 years now, but I want to buy a pair of twin tipped skis. I'll be mostly skiing on groomed stuff (about 80%) of the time, and if it's not groomed it will most likely be 1-2 ft of snow at the ABSOLUTE MOST. I was thinking of trying to go off some jumps so the ski will have to be stable and strong, but I don't want to be slow compared to anyone who's on a pair of regular skis.

I was looking at the
Fischer Addict
Ninthward Compte
Volkl Karma
Line Chronic
Dynastar Big Trouble

Which one of these skis would be the best for what I described? Or, is there a ski that I haven't mentioned that would be best?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Also, if it helps, I'm 5'9" and I weigh 135 pounds, but I expect to gain weight, maybe up to 145.

Thanks in advance!

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i would say the chronics

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i would deffinetly suggest the chronics or the 4frnt msp`s i was personally looking at both skis but since i ski alot of powder besides park they both werent wide enough for me but if you wont be skiing pow then they will work great
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the Line Invader is a great ski for you. i had them last ski season and loved them, they are super flexy and great in the park, but can proform in the rest of the mountain. here is a site that i found with great prices and pics.
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