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What to Buy?

I'm an early intermediate skier (total 6 weeks skiing) and want to buy my own skis/boots for the 2010/11 season. I'm fed up paying a fortune for low quality hire gear, and think I'm enjoying skiing enough to know buying my own stuff will pay off. But what to buy?

Can someone give me some advice on best skis and boots to purchase for my circumstances? I don't know where to start. I'm confident skiing challenging North American blues/European reds. I like to push my self a bit further each time I ski, but I'm nowhere near the stage where I need skis with superior technical ability. Budget wise, I'd prefer to keep the cost down, but that isn't my primary consideration.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, hard to say what you should get. I was in Canada recently and if you're thinking of going over there I'd recommend buying your gear from there - so much cheaper than Australia! If you have a look at the web sites of 'Sportmart' and 'Sportchek' - (do a Google search and you will find them) there is a whole range of skis/boots mentioned and you can even fill out a 'form' on line which will give you a range of skis that best suit your skiing ability and needs. Don't know whether this option is working right now on those sites though as its still in their Spring/Summer season..

Bruce Hoffmann
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