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Whats the skinny on ski socks?

Just wondering what anyone had success with in warm and comfortable ski socks this past winter?What was bad? So many brands like Lorpen, Incredisocks, Wigwam, Salomon etc to choose from. What worked for you?

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I always double up thats all i know!

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I don't have any brand loyalty, I just buy the thinnest merino wool socks I can find when I need them.
If your worried about comfort, don't wear more than one pair as that can cause friction in your boot and if they don't lie flat you'll get pressure points, also, your boots will pack out quicker, when you wear just one pair in future your boot will feel loose and less responsive.
If it is cold you worry about, you could try the "t-bag" heaters or an electronic heater like "hot tronics". Personally, if I'm wearing the boots direct from the hotel to the slope I will blast them with a hair dryer before I put them on to warm them up. If we are driving in I fill a couple of empty bottles with hot water from the kettle, put the bottles in my boots and use my ski socks as a stopper, that way when I put them on, the boots and socks are already warm and toasty and it is easier to stay warm rather than get warm.On really cold days I put boot gloves on top (boot gloves are made of neoprene and act like double glazing to keep heat in and cold out.)
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Originally Posted by sam View Post
I always double up thats all i know!
Agree with Sam! I don't have loyalty brands too,I just check the kind of sock,if it's comfortable to use, but I usually and most of the time do and wear double socks..
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