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K2 Apache Recon (2009) vs. Rictor (2011)

I was wondering if anyone knew where I can buy a pair of new K2 Apache Recons. I really like the 2009 models, but cannot find them in stock anywhere. I'm looking for 180 cm w/ the Marker 12.0 bindings.

Also, does anyone have any opinion on how they stack up against the new K2 2011 line with the added rockers? Any info would be helpful... Thanks so much!!!

Also, if it helps, I'm about 6'6"... 250 lbs. I've been skiing off an on for about 10 years... consistently (1 x a week in the winters) for the past 5. I consider myself a middle of the line intermediate/advanced. I ski mostly groomed runs... in the eastern US. Pretty much ski a mix of carving and skidding. Depending on how hard the snow is. I'm not great at carving on very hard/icy pack.


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Here's a link to the 2010 model for sale:

K2 makes great skis for groomers and skiing through crud Best of luck!

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Hey... Thanks for the info...

I did a little more research and decided to go with the new 2011 Rictors. I saw nothing but great reviews for them. Plus, I think I found a good deal on them ($709.00, including bindings, tax, and shipping). I should be receiving them this week.
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