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Make your skiing safely 'the best way to ski'

Equal weighting
o The most important concept for powder skiing is weighting the skis equally and maintaining balance. When skiing a groomed run, you initiate turns by transferring up to 90 percent of your weight to the downhill ski. In powder, this abrupt motion will cause you to fall because one ski will sink into the snow. The skis must be weighted equally, and turns initiated with both skis. Try pushing the skis together at the start of the turn to get used to the feeling. Powder skiers often talk about unweighting the skis at the start of a turn; this leads to an up-down motion through a turn. Unweight the skis by lifting the whole body to make the skis just light enough to turn both together.
Tip dive
o Getting your weight too far in front of you will push the tips of your skis deep into the powder and cause you to fall. To combat this, keep your head level and looking downhill. Some skiers try to compensate by leaning back. This can lead to ACL tears in a twisting, backwards fall. Keep your weight centered over the skis.
o In powder skiing, it is easier if you go faster, yet the turning is slow-motion. Speed is important because in powder, going too slow will result in you fighting the snow instead of moving through it. Advanced powder skiers often start a run by straight-lining a steep part of the slope to build up enough speed before they start to make turns. On lower-angle slopes, if you don't ski fast enough, you can come to a dead stop.
While speed is important, the turns should be done smoothly and slowly. Again, sharp, jerky motions with the skis or body will often lead to a fall. The turns should be gentle, just enough to check your speed, instead of sharply angled turns to check speed quickly. Work on getting comfortable with your feet and learn to feel that you are floating. Gently angle your body to slow down when necessary.
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