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Originally Posted by skiurlaub View Post
To me there is a big difference. When I tried snowboarding after years of skiing it took me a week to get used to skiing on one board instead of two.

If you are used to skateboarding though or water skiing withonly one ski, it should not be that big of a deal
they say that snow boarding is far more harder than skiing because you are just using one board to balance on, actually I started snowboarding also and when I tried out skiing it is much easier for me to do, I wonder if it works for ski starters going up to snowboarding..

oh by the way if you haven't checked out the latest offer on ski resorts on lake tahoe, you can check it on my signature.

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Yes there is a big difference. I find skiing easier to learn but harder to be an expert at it, whereas snowboarding was harder to learn at first but easier to progress once you get the hang of it. Just practice, practice, practice. And don't forget to wear your crash gears and helmet of course.

Copper Mountain
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....three words....Don't Give Up!!!!.....I too made the transition from skis to boarding. I'm 36 and I'm loving the transition. YES, the firs few days are extremely challenging b/c you have to re-train your mind to to re-train your movement....stick with it, there is light at the end of the tunnel and you will not be dissapointed....

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I never made the switch as I have been skiing almost 35 years and don't want to start over again. I probably will if the knees ever start to go. My son switched when he was 8 and after 1 season he was right where he left off skiing.
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I'm actually going the other way this season - from boarding to skiing. Boarding was hard on my wrists and my @$$!!! Switched to skiing permanently this year and am already loving it ... been out twice! Got a new pair of salomon mai tai skis and figure that riding and drinking mai tais is the perfect day in my book
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Just one work WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont go to the other side man.
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Someone is lost here ,I can say Can you please stick to skiing and leave that suckers world lol
skiing gears
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A skier or snowboarder may overtake another skier or snowboarder above or below and to the right or to the left provided that he leaves enough space for the overtaken skier or snowboarder to make any voluntary or involuntary movement.
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i hated the crossover... found it impossible... spent most of the day on my ass!

Any tips to get started?
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sometimes i wonder if i should move back
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how close is snowboarding to wakeboarding?

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