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Ski clothing

This seasons slope style seems to be all about the bright colours, we began to see the introduction of bright and vibrant colours last year and the up and coming lines will trump those to no end! A more diverse range of outrageous styling and patterns mixed with high performance technologies and materials making this year’s one of the best yet for fashion on the slopes. Functionality and fit are key when choosing a new jacket, with a wide range of jackets all aimed at different audiences choosing the right one can be difficult.

Things to consider before buying your ski jacket include:

Style – Vanity is a cruel mistress.

Fit – Will it protect you from the cold and snow where it is supposed to.

Flexibility – If you are going to the snow park will you be able to pull your tricks without restriction and with full freedom of movement.

Durability – Will it withstand those tumbles and falls while out and about.

Cost – Always shop around as prices can vary dramatically, or shop off season where you will find some great deals.

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I go first for warmth and flexibility.

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Yay for forum spam?
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Also breathability - don't want to be wetter on the inside than the outside, so to speak.
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Is there any difference in off season and on season prices?
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