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How To Do A Backside 180

A backside 180 is a favourable trick. You can do it small while you're still learning, or huge and slow once you have it down. The technique is the same; the style is all yours.


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Wow. But i think some people (like me) will never be able to do it x_x. I always fail when I try

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Thanks for the link, I'll be sure to try it out when I go skiing again. The last time I went skiing I had a sore back for days after. I'll be sure to fail though..and end up hurting myself again
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A video would've really helped. Thanks anyway though.
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It took me awhile to learn that trick but it's crazy fun when your able to do it. Now I have no problem doing it.
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It's going to be a while before I can pull off stuff like that. All in good time I guess (or so I keep telling myself :p )...
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Well, every snowboard/skiing trick takes time to learn...
And if you dont have the patience you want be any "good"...
Ive learned from my experience on Snowboard that if you wanna learn tricks and
get better skills you should ride with ppl who are better with you... That way you will get "pushed" and they will learn you "how to" and also its good to watch them...

Anyways, my tip for the BS 180:
1. First of all picture yourself doing it in your head!!!!
2. When you jump, turn your back around 90 degrees and then the rest of the body should come after and you will land a nice BS 180...

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