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What are some easy snowboard grabs?

Hey all, what are some easy grabs and how do you do them?

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i dont snow board, i have a plastic one and have tried a few things. the easiest is the indy, you can do it without even moving or going off a jump. just jump up and reach down and grab your bord.

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Indy is pretty simple.
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Im a snowboard instructor and a nosegrab or tailgrab is simple. Just bend your front leg and straighten your back leg and the nose will basically hit your hand. Just do the oppostite for a tailgrab
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1. Jumping. The first 'trick' that every snowboarder wants to learn, and should learn, is a basic jump.

2. The 'Indy Grab' is one of the first snowboard tricks that every rider wants to learn -- it's not easy, but it's 'simple.'

2. The 'backside 180.' Just like it sounds, this one of the basic snowboard tricks sees you jumping up, turning around one-hundred-and-eighty degrees in midair, landing and riding away. Piece of cake!
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wouldn't say piece of cake but it's fun to do once you've mastered it
indy grab is simple and the nose and tail grab 'sound' easy but doing it is anothing thing
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how easy is it to learn a indy?

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