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What's the highest rotation you can do above 360?

Whats the biggest rotation you can do? While moving, or just standing in one place, or going off a ramp and/or slope, anything is fine.

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I have done a 180 rotation before off a ramp but I did fall after it and injure myself. I can do 180 rotations and 360 rotations while skiing as well

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I have never really tried any ski jumps but I can do 180's and 360's while skiing down the slope but they are pretty basic.
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I can not do any more then a 360 because I have to land the same way that I was going my body will not let my go switch.
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I popped a 720 on a snowboard before. But I dont board anymore.

Seen a couple guys pull switch 10's, etc while at Park City. I also saw Shaun White pull a switch 5 off a small kicker in the snow. Retarded fast.
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Any tips on how to land a 360 perfectly? I can't seem to successfully land it, always ending up on my arse.

Copper Mountain
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