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Advice On Getting Back Into Skiing


After watching and being inspired by the Winter Olympics, I decided to get out my old ski equipment.

I haven't skied in about 20 years, and wondered how the gear had faired over the years.

Everything-- the skis, the bindings, the poles, the boots-- are still in great shape.

But am I?!

My gear is still in proper working order, but I don't know what adjustments (if any need) need to be done. I say that, as I am about fifty pounds heavier, and don't know what kind of effect that will have on my bindings (Tyrolia 360).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey Packer. I noticed no one responded to your post. Did you try the equipment as of this reply? My advice would be to scrap the equipment and demo some modern equipment and then if you get back into it then look to buy. Everything may seem OK but 20 years is a long time of neglect. If you decide to come out East next year check out my site to compare New England Ski Resorts

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Hi kevcinma,

Thanks for responding, greatly appreciated.

I've only had the ski equipment on in my house ( ! ), and it all seems to be in fine working condition. Just haven't had the chance to hit the mountains, but was actually thinking of testing out some newer equipment at a local indoor ski resort here in Scotland (it's the largest indoor place in Europe).

I had a chance to look at your website, which was great as I plan a trip to either Mad River Glen or Stowe in 2012 (reliving my Senior Class Trip in 1979). For me, I'm going to have to head West to "come out East".

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