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Beginners and Intermediates:

Beginners and Intermediates:

Steamboat is kind to beginners and intermediates with plenty of groomed trails. With 42% of the trails dedicated to intermediates this vast mountain should have enough terrain to please an intermediate skier with new cruisers for days.
Beginners will not have to venture far for their runs as there are plenty at the base of the mountain with eight short lifts dedicated just to the beginner. You can walk down the short ski run right into the apres ski bars if you find that it is in any way intimidating.

After getting past the beginner phase, you will want to quickly graduate to the "Walley World" area (far right side of the trail map) serviced by the main run "Tomahawk" and "Sunshine Express" lift. Wide spaces and gentle slopes between the Aspens also make it ideal for one's first tree skiing experience. (wear a helmet)

ski equipment
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Skiing & Snowboarding find the mountain resort and optimal gear which best

suites their style and to maximize their experience.

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From where I can get Steamboat at best?
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