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hello everyone

Hi all I am from New York city but I go to school in Rochester New York up until this weekend I had never been skiing nor had I ever really considered doing it until I met my current girlfriend who is on our school race team. She got me a pair of skis for Christams and I must say i absolutely loved it. I stayed on the bunny slope but I plan on going on an actual trail this Saturday.

The mountain I went to this weekend was toggenburg which is in central New York. I did take a lesson but I was very unimpressed with the instructor after about an hour I was feeling frustrated because of the way he was explaining things to me so after my girlfriend finishd her last run we went over and she was able to teach me how to turn and stop using very easy to understand directions.

All in all I am very excited to learn and push myself more. This seems like a great place to hangout and I hope I can get to know you all.
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