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Hi from Bulgaria

Hi everyone.

Im from the UK but now living in Bansko, Bulgaria. My husband & I have been here for nearly 6 years. We moved here for the snow and our love of snow sports. We own a small 5 bedroomed ski Chalet, which of course is our business, but it is also primarily our home.

In the summer we do lots of walking and mountain biking and are now in the process of trying to advertise the summer activities.

We are now waiting for the snow to arrive so we can go play.

Glynis in Bansko, Bulgaria.
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Howdy Glynis!

Sounds like you and your husband are living the life we snowhounds dream of.

Looking forward to hearing of your adventures this season.

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Hi Glynis

Hi Glynis
I here Bansko is the place to go in Bulgaria now.
Are they going to build an airport nearby,instead of Sofia, I heard a rumour ?

I skied in Borovets in 2004 and have been thinking of Bansko.
As I like to book things independently now, I've been a little put of with package only deals to Bulgaria - can you book accomodation, flights separately ?

Would love to see a link to you chalet

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Hi Marsbar

Bansko is a great place, very different to Borovets. Firstly, unlike Borovets which is purpose built, Bansko is a proper town so you get to see a little of the Bulgarian way of life. Secondly, the lift system in Bansko is only 4 years old and is very well maintained. Bansko is also more snowsure and usually has far better conditions than Borovets. Dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Borovets.

There is talk of an airport closer than Sofia, but personally I dont really want to see this happen! If you think about it, most places you go skiing the transfers are uaually 2 hours +, Sofia not being any different at 2.5 hours. In my opinion (and it is only my opinion) I thnk if they were to build an airport closer it would spoil the atmosphere of the valley which Bansko is in. I think the noise polution could be an issue and I also think it could over a long period have a bad impact enviromentally, it could also if enough flights came up through the valley it could alter the temperatures which would then impact on the skiing... I may be wrong about this (lets hope so).

Independent is definitely the way go, the tour operators generally tend to use the larger Bulgarian hotels (and you cant blame them as they can get bigger discounts from the them), but as you are probably aware there has been so much derogitory talk about the standard of food in these larger hotels that it has in the past put people off travelling to Bulgaria. The good news is that as a proper town Bansko has over 300 traditional restaurants and the food is great in the majority of them.

Am I allowed to put links on this site?

If so, Here is a link to our Chalet. www.devonshirelodge.com

If not let me have your contact details and I will send you the link.

Best Regards

Glynis in Bansko, Bulgaria.
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