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Howdy from Texas ;)

Hey, what's up guys... My name is Sam, I'm from Aggieland Texas
Anyway, this winter we (me + family) are going to our usual ski resort of choice in California,
Dodge Ridge Mountain.

I went there last year, learned a lot, had a blast, and I'm going there again this year
Plus, I just received news that there is fresh SNOW!!!

So yeah, I wanted to introduce myself... this looks to be a good informative community.

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crashing hurts
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Welcome to Talk Ski! Be sure to stop by and let us know how the trip went. BTW, we love pictures.

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welcome to the forums, fried chicken! post some pics, we'd love to see them.
anyone who needs skiing beginners tips on skiing techniques?
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Welcome to the Talk Ski Sam! How'd the skiing go?
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Hello there Fried Chicken, Welcome to TS!

Never been skiing in California, but would love to go someday!

Why dont you write a review of your holiday on our forums?
Maybe you could include some pics? We love pictures!
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Welcome to talkski fried chicken!
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I am a Texan.
Celerius, stabilius, prudentius, strenuis!
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Welcome to talkski! i'm really glad you found it. no way, that sounds awesome, skiing is so fun!

"For me, skiing is a necessity. I have a need for risk." -anonymous
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