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Lucy...where are you??

New member, new baby (yet to be born/delivered) but already has her name. So I bought this because after years of pop up camping, I have always dreamed of a self contained unit. I recently sold my house in Breckenridge and recognized that I needed to do something so could still ski my 60-70days/season. I generally ski where temps regularly drop below zero nightly.
I am frantically trying to figure out what else I can do to make my Interstate winter ready/worthy. Airstream will not change anything from the factory (like higher R rated insulation etc). Calling on Monday to see if they can put a black water tank heater in as well as a Volt start but don't have much hope. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also concerned about diesel fuel gelling..this is my first diesel ever. Yes, of course I got the 4X4.
Biggest thing is the ski box. No room on the top due to solar panels etc. and I am looking into attaching my Packsport box to a hitch mounted rack (may buy a new smaller box also). Any other ideas?

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Hello and welcome!
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