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New here!


I am a first time skier. I have done some skiing in the past but not on a actual slope owned by a ski resort however. We are planning to fly to France by plane to stay at a ski resort next winter for a whole month. What should I pack? How much do lessons cost? Where can I find a good ski instructor?

This will be my second time skiing in my entire life. We are going with a group of friends as well. Most of them are either advanced beginners or intermediate skiers. I am the only novice beginner skier in the party. The plan is to spend about four hours on the slopes and the rest of the day exploring the town or relaxing at the resort.

According to a chart I found, I am a L1 skier. Any advice and tips will be appreciated very much thank you. I look forwards to participating on the forums and sharing advice whenever appropriate as well.
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