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Hi guys!

I just joined the forum.
I'm trying to learn as much as I can about skiing because I'm starting my own ski portal (link in sig).
If you have any ideas and suggestions for my site feel free to comment!

My ski portal
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Hi all! I am just joining to find out a little more info about a trip I want to take with my 7 yo daughter in Jan or Feb 2011 for her birthday. I am a little scared about the whole idea about traveling with a child alone. I was hoping some nice folks on this site could help me. THANKS everyone.

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Hi all,

I should have done this first - so I apologise for not doing it sooner. I've been about for a while and skied for over 35 years now at various resorts around the world. In the 1980's I was lucky enough to work for seasons down at Thredbo (Australia) and managed a few long stints in France (Val D'Isere) Austria, Canada & the USA. I haven't been to Japan yet so that's on my 'bucket' list of places to get to. Would love to be a better skier - but I guess we all would! I can still keep up with guys 30+ years my junior - in fact a few years ago I was skiing with some guys that were staying at the same place as me in Canada. On the chair we got around to talking about ages and they were suprised to hear I was 50 and generally skiing harder and faster than they were!! (things might be different now though - 2 years older!)

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