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New to the Forum - My Intro


My Name is Mike and I am transferring from Florida to Michigan. I have been a skier and snowboarder since I was about 11 years old. After high school I went to college in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Any NMU Alum out there? After college I moved out to Aspen to pursue the life of a ski bum. The two + years my wife and I spent there were awesome. We eventually got good jobs which took us to Florida. While Florida is nice, it is not for cold weather people. An opportunity came about and my family is moving back to Michigan! I am currently working for skis.com. How cool is that? This is my dream job.

If anyone has questions about gear or needs help with what types of equipment may be best for them feel free to message me!

Have a great day everyone and looking forward to something I haven't seen in a few years.....WINTER


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Welcome Mike! Lucky you x

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Welcome to the forum mike! Lucky you got your dream job. If ever I have plans for skiing, I will surely catch up on. Skiing is very fun and exciting, I can't wait!
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an old dawg

Hey everybody. Decided to start back on dh skiing after 40+ yrs, so having to "gear up" totally. What confusion. Used to ski the N E mts, cannon, wildcat, killington etc, was a jr member of franconia ski club,( Bode's uncles, peter(bubba) and Mike Kenny were on that team and we skiid together. Used to ski rossi 207's for sl and rossi allais major's for gs and dh, so when i see the new equi[ment and they are all telling me i need to get 162's its like HUH? Now i know i wont be racing or on big hills much anymore so i dont need the lngth but still 162's. Based on my past i kind of feel like i want to go with rossi avengers in the 176 size. Always used lange comps and think im ok with comps again maybe world cup series. I work outside in summer in landscaping and am still in good shape and will be working a local mt in the winter so free skiing!!!! any suggestions for the ski lengths? I kind of want a good carver with good camber so if i DO want to hit the edges hard on something steep i wont be sliding the tails all over. what do ya think?
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