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Newbie here

Hello, Hawk here.

I just really got into skiing this season, and I love it! I'd been skiing before, off and on, but I've been three times in the last two months, and I've decided that I now want to get a set of skis and equipment, and maybe get out to the slopes once a month or so.

I live in Atlanta, so whenever I want to go skiing, I've got to make a trip, and I've found that unfortunately that the farther I go the better the skiing gets, but there's a decent mountain about 2-3 hours north of me in North Carolina.

So far, I've been to Winterplace in WV, Cataloochee in NC, and (my favorite) Boyne Mountain in Michigan. I've got family that live in Norther Michigan, so hopefully I'll be able to take a trip up there and go skiing and snowmobiling once a year or so.

Anyway, since I'm 17 (read: "poor"), and I've got other hobbies, I'm going to need equipment for fairly cheaply. I've already got a jacket, clothing, goggles, etc, so I just need skis, bindings, and poles. The times I'ce been skiing, I've used 170-180cm skis, and I've found that a longer ski is a little better for me, which I would expect due to my size (6'5, 220 lbs).

I've had decent luck on craigslist buying things for my other hobbies-turned-obsessions, and I don't need amazing equipment, seeing as I won't be skiing a whole lot. Also, I'd rather have some good used equipment than crappy new equipment.
So how would these skis be:

The description in the ad says:

This is a pair of K2 four4 skis with SMARTSKI technology WITH Marker M4.2 bindings. These are excellent vintage/collector skis with awesome performance. They do show some wear because of their age, but as any advid skier will tell you, they are high performance, high quality skis! If speed is what your looking for when going down the mountain, you will LOVE these skis! GREAT ALL AROUND ALL MUNTAIN SKI!! Also included is a pair of GOODE Duraflex ski poles (I dont know exact measurements, but my husband is 6'2", and they fit him well) We are asking $100 OBO.

What do you think? I'll also need some boots, and I've got no real idea how much a pair of semi-decent boots would cost, but I'd prefer to not spend a whole lot (around $150-$200)

Also, would I be better off with some 177 cm K2 Merlin III NP Skis?

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I remember when I wanted those skis sooo bad. Pretty colours hey?
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