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US vs. Europe piste grading

new to the site.
Have skiied mostly in Switzerland and am now back to my native USA this christmas to ski Park City. I am unsure how the piste grading system in the US equates with the ones used in Europe. I know I'm a nervous red piste skiier at the beginning of each holiday and a secure confident red-piste skier towards the end. Which piste colours/shapes should I start on in the US?

any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi Wallflower,

You will have set off for your Christmas trip by now so I'm sorry that I've only just joined the site. I am off to Park City in February for abou the tenth year on and off. Do let me know how things are out there when you get back. By then you will have discoverd that French reds are US Blues. What really matters is that the snow in Utah is sooo much better than it is in Europe and so are the skiers. Hope you have fun.

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