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Custom fit ski boot shells?

Finally, a way to custom fit your ski boots to your feet.

Dear Fellow Skier,

Please forgive our intrusion into your day, but, we have what we think is the most innovative ski product to be introduced in years, and we're hoping that you'd like to know about it. We can send you everything you need to custom mold your current ski boots to the exact shape of your feet. In less than an hour you get what is truly the "ultimate fit." If your feet ever hurt from skiing please check out our web site. Thank you very much.

Click here: Ultimate Fit Ski Boots.com

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Hi Ted, I've just removed 4 of your posts from our little community. We don't really appreciate people posting the same thing over and over - especially when it's promoting a commercial enterprise. If you want to advertise then why not put your link in your forum's signature. That way, every time you contribute and help other users, they will also get to see your link (which they can click by the way!). Let me know what your plans are, here for the community or here just to push products?
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