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Customer Service Etail?

Customer service seems to be a lost art in most of what passes for retail these days. It is my feeling that this is the driving force of the success of etail, on-line purchasing. Most people would rather get information off of the internet and have something shipped to them - all in the comfort of their own home rather than go out to a shop where they will only get frustrated by the lack of knowlegable sales people committed to the basic tenants of customer service. Young shoppers today don't even realize that it used to be different - and that is a shame.

There is a place where things are different. Pittsburgh. Well, not all of Pittsburgh but for skiers and snowboarders there is a place for you. I have been working at Willi's Ski and Board Shop for over 16 years now and we pride ourselves in our customer service. Because we are convinced people want service even in their on-line forays we have opened up our version of an on-line shop. Our two etail sites are Ski Warehouse, an on-line shop dedicated to discount equipment and apparel and The Jib Shop, a shop dedicated to the youth oriented side of the ski and snowboard market. What makes us different is the diverse line of products we carry and our customer service.

Customer service on a self-serve format is not easy - but we have found a way to connect with the customer with a site that is easy to search for what you want, easy to get the information you need and easy to get help whenever you need it. We are only a phone call or an e-mail away and we are happy to answer any questions you might have. We have a 100% Satisfaction guarantee and great deals all year long.

Come check us out and let me know what you think!

Until then...see ya on the slopes!

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Good post Kjerstin, way to set the standard.
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