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Las leñas - argentina 2009!!!


This is Aimar from Barcelona, some of u now me from the Payen 455.most famous apartment to sleep for 30 buks a night in las leñas city!

well, i sale it! i'm developing a new business there ( looking for partners) if soembody is interested in knowing more send me anemail aimarvalls@gmail.com

the apartment

Dormy payen in front of the lifts, terrace to make asados , view to eduardo, adrenalina, cerro leñas from the living room. living room+ bath room+ 1 double room. 40 sq/ meteres. It's a business to rent beds ( i have 7) and u pay your flight and holydays and make about 2000 us more with the expenses paid. The apartment have tv, kitchen ( eletric) gas heating, and they give u 1 seasson pass for free to be owner ( only 1) and 2 tickets to park cars in the valley. The cost of gas light and manteinance is 350 us a month . it's cool to rent on summer to americand that go fly fishing ( i don't do it) cause i'm from spain. The market price is 75.000 but i sell for 65.000 cause i need cash fast!

if i don't sell before summer, i will be there renting beds from june 28 to october 5th!!!
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