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Are you planning a ski season?

Hi all,
I'm a skier called Alex from the UK. I'm about to head out to Queenstown in New Zealand to complete my instructor qualifications before heading out to Whistler in Canada for the rest of the Northern Hemisphere winter.

Myself a few mates have just set up a snowsports clothing company called Own The Snow that will be launching fully in the winter.

In the meantime and more importantly for everyone here we have pulled together a FREE community and support service for anyone who is thinking of doing a season.

We found that planning seasons and extended trips can be a pretty daunting prospect but for many that is half the fun. What isnít fun is trying to sift through hours of unnecessary google searches, blog posts and endorsed messages which raises the risk of paying too much or missing out on getting exactly what you are looking for.
Our solution is to give you people to talk to who have actually done seasons and to focus on quality of information rather than quantity.

So if you are interested get in touch with me at alex@ownthesnow.com

Let me know what you think of the website (it won't let me post a link which is fair enough but think you can find it on my profile ) and give us a shout if you are heading out to NZ this summer!


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Precisely, i just had a reservation in toursdesport.com site for a ski vacation, yet I dont know if their service is good. anyways, I am also new to skiing and I would be glad to have an instructor while on the track... that could be nice for me...

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I have purchased my skits from skittry.com. They were not that much reliable. After a week I teried to return, but no response.
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