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Do people still work in chalets?

Years ago I watched a TV show about, mainly, students who worked in chalets (or ski lodges if you want to call them that!) doing the cooking and cleaning but also getting a lot of ski time! Does this still happen or have things become far more professional now with full time staff etc?

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I can only speak to the resorts in the Banff/Lake Louise area.

The majority of the staff are students or of student age. Many of the kids (I can say that as I'm old enough to be their mum) are 18-25 and typically are from Australia, NZ, England and Europe.

It's not uncommon for these folks to be skiing several times a week depending on the type of work they are doing.

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I'd love to do something like that, but I'm stuck taking my college education out in sunny California, where we don't have anything but sunshine for 360 days a year.
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Of course students still work in ski lodges. My cousin who is in college does it during the ski holidays part time in Canada and he does not hold a ski instructor certification. He just had to pass a test to see if he qualified.

Of course, to get a job like that its easier to go to smaller resorts since they have less money and are more likely to hire you
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very cool
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oh that's cool, very good atmosphere!
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Office work will never allow you to leave some time I get totally frustrated bcoz not to go for my passion ski.
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totally agree with mark44

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