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Multi Talented Fellow Seeks ANY Job

Hi, my name is Cato and I am looking for a job. I currently live in Santa Fe, NM with my family (Wife, 2 Daughters, Fluffy dog)

I have a decently rounded resume. Some highlights include.

Over 15 years of Carpentry experience. Mostly Antique furniture repair. I have also been a cabinet builder both high end and low end. I make decorative boxes in my free time.

Military service, I was both an Airplane mechanic and served in Security forces. I have a good working knowledge of metal work and hydraulic systems. Left at E-5 after 4 years honorably.

80+ hours to a bachelors degree in engineering, and numerous military schools.

Computer knowledge, I briefly studied computers before taking up engineering. I have a decent understanding of Linux and HTML. also networking and some SEO. I can also type 60 words per minute and know how to write.

I am a slightly above average snowboarder. I'm an honest person. Mostly prompt and I am a natural problem solver. I can work with a team or completely alone. I'm a mostly well balanced person. I have a bit stashed so when the time comes I can pay first and lasts. I have a 1/2 ton truck 4/4 and don't mind using it.

I can be a liftie. I have done it before. I can be a busboy, I have done it before.

And. most importantly.... I don't whine and I do what I'm told. Even if I don't want to do it, I put a happy face on and take pride in what I'm doing. I'm currently a janitor for the State of NM. I would like a job with insurance if possible.

If you would like a resume including references and pictures of my work Please email me at cato_g@hotmail.com

and last but not least I am a real person.

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