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A simple but essential ski trip checklist

1. Book Early

Whether it’s airfare, lodging, transportation, lessons, reservations, lift tickets, massages, or babysitting needs…book it and buy it as early as possible.

2. Ship Equipment

Most resorts require a stop over, so why risk lost luggage in bad weather flight delays or lugging around ski boots, when you can ship and have your equipment waiting for you safe and sound and ready to go.

3. Rentals

If you think you want to demo, don’t forget your own boots! Go to the rental shop the evening BEFORE your first day out (call ahead for hours). Make it a priority.

4. Must-Haves You Might Not Think You Need
  • Buy a small boot dryer
  • Stock up on chemical handwarmers
  • Get boot heaters in your boots
  • Neoprene shells that fit over the toe of your boot and fasten with an elastic/Velcro strap in back
  • Everyone should be wearing a helmet
  • Always bring goggles
  • Make sure to buy an anti-fog cloth to clean your goggles with

2. Clothing Basics

Whether you are a beginner or an avid skier, staying warm means the same to all of us, and here are the basics we should all have.

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this is a great list, was intersted in reading the clothing basics?
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