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Any advice on which resort...

Ive skiied many places in Europe and around the world.... but never in North America... and know very little on it... The website i normally use for skiing information doesnt really help with north america!!

Any ideaS?

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It depends on what you are looking for!
The biggest resort is Whistler in Canada. I have been to a couple of resorts in Colorado and Utah, they all had their plusses and minusses. There are several sites such as ski.com or onthesnow that give you stats and reviews.

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If you want to stay on the East Cost of the US, go to Killington.

If you want to go on the West Coast, go to Whistler or any of the great ski areas thru the Western US. Vail is a fav.
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Are you open to traveling anywhere in the US? Well if you visit the Northeast US I would recommend Killington in Vermont or Sunday River in Maine. I am not too familiar with the one out in the West having only visited two for fairly short times, but I would have to say I am quite partial to the New England area. It has nothing to do with being a transplanted New Englander in the Midwest.
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Follow my blog!

Follow my blog. Every week, I ski and review a different area. http://skiresortweekly.blogspot.com/ It will be appreciated if you follow my blog!
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Hmm... since your flying your can go anywhere. Go west. For steeps -Jackson Hole Wyoming. Sunny and scenic - Lake Tahoe California. Powder... deep deep powder - Alta/Snowbird Utah. Quaint, firmer, steep and closer to home - Stowe VT.
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If you want to experience skiing in a high lift then you can try Breckenridge in Colorado, like you I've been using several websites to be well informed on my specific location when planning to go for a ski travel so far the website I used as a reference is doing fine check it out for yourself mountainyahoos.com, the site has reviews on several ski resorts, equipments, etc. Hope this might help you,
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Hi visit the website of parkcitypassport.I think this is very helpful for you in detail.
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Hi. Try to visit this website Tour de Sport they provided a list of ski vacation resorts in different places. You may get an idea from here. Hope this will help.
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Agreed - Go west. Whistler in Canada, Any resort in Salt Lake City Utah, or Lake Tahoe on the California Nevada border.

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