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Anyone heard of SnowWorld in Netherlands?

Eya, Im new here. I live in Holland and I snowboard once in a while.

We have this SnowWorld (= indoor snowboarding), its with a ski lift etc. Its fun... We don't have any mountains or anything here so we go to SnowWorld in Zoetermeer .

For more information:

Anyone been to Holland before? (The Netherlands)

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Welcome to the forum, thanks for joining. I'm not too sure about indoor snowboarding/skiing, how realistic is it?

No, I've never been to Holland before, would love to go but.

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Well.. I don't really know.. I haven't snowboard outside yet... I would love too though..

But the (fake) snow is cold.. lol.. Well I don't know... Come and try it for yourself!
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Indoor snowboarding???
We need that in Texas...the summers get over 100 degrees F
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Na, ive never been to the netherlands, is it fun? Oh and I feel ya utbeastie, I live down south too.
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