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Apres ski in Val D'Isere

Val D’Isere is one of the biggest resorts in Europe, this means it probably has the largest selection of bars and clubs through out the French Alps. There is always a lot going on after a day on the slopes. So it really depend what you fancy.

Here are some of my favourite places for a beer/vin chaud:

i) Saloon Bar –This place is always lively after a days skiing. Great atmosphere, lots of seasonaires, and you have to try the long island ice tea…. If you don’t link places with low ceilings then don’t go here. The owners have also opened a saloon bar in VT. Was at the opening party and it was an eventful occasion I must say!!

ii) Banana Bar – Just of the slopes, on the left hand side just after the ice rink. Nice little bar.....can get very busy around après.

iii) Pacific Bar – If you like more open spaces this place is ideal, busy atmosphere, can get full of student groups, particularly in the busy weeks over Christmas and Easter.

iv) Morris – More like your typical English pub, is well-known for its live music. Really good atmosphere in here after a days skiing, bit of a quieter place if you want to chill out and have a swift beer and a chat. Up the main highstreet on the left hand side

v) Petit Danois – Again a really popular bar for après, does get very corwded, but always a lively place to be. Drinks tend to be a bit more expensive than other bars in Val D’Isere. Don’t forget they do amazing breakfast….

These are the main après bars, but if have a beer is not your thing, then you are still spoilt for choice. Have a look around, for coffees or a bit of food I always recommend the sports bar (near saloon bar), billabong coffee shop (in the billabong shop on the main high street) and my all time favourite La Creperie (which is just next to the post office).

- Where are the best places to grap a snack?
There are quite a few little places to grap a small bite to eat, have a look around see what you fancy. If you want to sit down then, as I send above, I would recommend either the sports bar, billabong café or La Creperie. However if you are in Val D’Isere there is one thing you must try and that is a Toucade Burger. The Toucade Burger stall can be found on the main road opposite the bus station, I would try and describe how good they are but I wouldnt do it justice ( warning : taste even better when drunk!).

- Are there any nightclubs in Val D’Isere?

Yes, the main one being Dick’s Tea Bar. This probably needs no introduction as is very well known. Really lively place tends, to be full of young people and the lines up get quite bad after about 11 o’clock. Goes on to the very early hours in the morning……after a night they do not offer refunds on you ski pass for the next day…

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I am going to the French Alps this Christmas...or atleast that is the plan for now. I have no knowledge of the area I am only going becuz I have a friend living there and she wants me to come see and ski with her. How many resorts are in the area? which are the top three or so?Thanks!
try and try again:D
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