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Big Sky, Montana - Big/Little Couloir

Hello everyone! I have a quick question. At big sky, the most notorious slope of them all, as many know, is called the Big Couloir. Well, im going out there next year (my dads gettin a place built, so there will be alot more to come :.P) and ive been lookin at pictures (i know pictures cant do a slope justice) but i just can't understand what is so extreme about the Big Couloir. its at a 42 degree gradient, which is pretty steep, but not anywhere near truly extreme. On the other hand, right next to the Big Couloir is a *** insane looking slope called the little couloir. It is 50+ degrees, extremely narrow, and diagonal over a cliff, meaning if you fall you will probably be sliding off a cliff. My question is, why do i never hear about the Little Couloir and only hear about the Big Couloir when, from what i have seen, the Little Couloir is MUCH more extreme?

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