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Breck, last 2 weekends...

I didn't spend much time over the pass in breck this season but the past two weekends I got 5 days in.
I also had 6 days earlier in the year....

First impressions, there are a buttload of exceptional park riders there. My son was happy to run into Eric willett for a couple runs. The riding overall is at a whole other level here in park lane And freeway both skiers and boarders. Being closing weekend I'm guessing the park crew was slacking... I was not impressed with the maintenance this past sat/sun. it was ****in great to get out and ride with my wife and son the past couple weekends though.

There were also a bunch of douche bags cruising around. The really good guys were cool as ****. The ones that could barely hit the rails and boxes were being total cocksmokers.... My son landed really hard on his chest about mid day and couldn't breath, got out of the way and was chilling to the side, he is 12. Some dip**** comes and yells at him to **** off, flips him off and sprays him. The guy was probably early 20's about 5'5" 130ish.... My son isn't all that small 5'4" 140lbs and has some judo/boxing/taekwando skills so he isn't scared.... He chased him down to the bottom of the run and punched him in the face 3 times before the guy could think about it. While the dude collected himself my son unstrapped and pushed the dude back, still strapped into his board, and proceeded to submit him for about 30 seconds..... The guys friends were just laughing at the dude when patrol came by. They all realized he was 12.....

Apparently he worked for the resorts and got in some serious trouble for assaulting him. I told the patrol I would not press charges and it was no big deal. The dude just ot his ass handed to him by a 12 year old.... My son was ****** the guy did it but I told him to suck it up.... Thats exactly why he should not spray randoms on the side of the trail. He said he never sprays anyone in the parks or throws snowballs, he said both actions deserved ass kickings.....

He enjoyed the parks otherwise and had fun riding about 40k vertical each day.

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Some guys just want to get in trouble. Glad you're son is okay now.

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