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Denver Shuttle Service

We just got back from our trip to Breckenridge and I wanted to recommend the shuttle service that we used. After much research on the Internet, I found a company called Access Colorado that provided a private shuttle from Denver to the ski areas for almost the same price (within $30-$40) as it would have cost the three of us to ride in a shared van. And instead of only picking us up from the airport, they picked us up from our hotel in downtown Denver. The drivers were on-time, professional and contacted us by cell phone prior to our scheduled departure time. The SUV, a Chevy Suburban, was clean and looked brand new. And since we reserved a round trip shuttle to Breckenridge, Alex (the owner) even gave us a great price on the shuttle ride from the airport to our hotel downtown. The cost was equal to or less than a taxi would have cost and it was riding in style, a private SUV or sedan, not a beat up taxi.

As we rode back to Denver after our week of skiing in Breckenridge, we passed a van transporting other skiers back from the slopes. My girlfriend and I just looked at each other and immediately knew what the other was thinking... how great it was to be relaxing in our comfortable leather seats in a smooth riding private SUV, instead of being jammed into a rough riding 18 passenger van bouncing down I-70 for two hours. What a great way to end our ski trip!
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