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Ebook on how to ski Canada cheaply


I'm hoping that a few people might be able to help. I have created an ebook about travelling to Canada - primarlily "How to ski/snowboard for 4 weeks in Canada for 4 weeks at 2 well known and award winning resorts for Under $5000." (everything included)

If you are prepared to read my Ebook (about 32 pages) and offer constructive critisicms or suggestions of what I could include or take out to make it a better book please contact me on the following Email. I will not pass your email address onto anyone else, but in return will value your feedback.

Email: canadaebook@gmail.com

Thanks, Bruce H


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Hi everyone!

Firstly I'd like to thank all those people that contacted me and offered their help in the writing of my eBook. I now have something that I think is really worthwhile (due to information you told me you wanted) and immensely helpful to anyone who wants to travel to Canada for a ski or snowboarding holiday adventure - spending no more money than they need to and having a great 'on snow' holiday.

So now I have finished the eBook and attached it to a brand new web site: www.skicanadaforless.com - I'd be pleased for anyone to take a look at this and pass it around to your skiing / snowboarding friends as well. It really makes travel to Canada much more affordable!

Any feedback or comments about the site and/or eBook are welcomed as well. You can do this via the contact/feedback page on the web site or directly to me at canadaebook@gmail.com

Bruce Hoffmann

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I hear its good
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Thanks for the update... I've sold quite a few now without any complaints - I tried hard to include lots of information in the 'book' that would be helpful to people; not just filling up space..I reduced the price last week too - sort of a 'spring' special...
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