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Free trip to Mt. Tremblant Canada anyone??

Apparently there's this company called Ski Travel Unlimited that lets you go to Mt Tremblant Canada for free if you get enough people to sign up under your name. I hear it's pretty much just a huge party with hundreds of college students from all over the country. They have a completely separate trip for high school students too. Has anyone heard of it? (www).skitravel.(com) ?? I haven't been before but it sounds to good to pass up.

Tremblant has something like 90 trails, 4 faces, 13 lifts and Ski Travel puts you up in 4 star condos for really cheap. Has anyone been before or knows someone that has??

let me know what you guys think

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yeah I went on the skitravel.com trip my senior year at Virginia Tech....it was pretty crazy!! We went to tremblant during college winter break and the mountain was amazing.....and there were tons of people there partying it up every night and those french canadian girls are super hot! The park there was pretty sick too...I ended up spraining my wrist..but it was on the last day so I just put ice on it during the trip back and drank the whole was back on the brew bus. Pretty sweet trip to Cananda! Ski Travel rocks!!!

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hey, i have been on that trip. so good, ride all day and drink all night. i went last year with a small group but this year we are trying to get a bigger group to go. it's like a little over 400 for the trip and transportation...great deal if you ask me. if you do go, make sure you go to the bar with the cages and now there is a casino so definitely check that out. basically its a good time and the mountain is sick, so see for youself!
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how legitimate is this company just give whole info regarding it and we will be glad to evaluate it as well as its costs too
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