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Going to Park City in a couple of weeks.

Going to park city for my third time and everybody else on the trip's first time. First time skiing not just to park city!

There are three couples going and each couple has a kid around 5-6 yrs old.

The other times i went sking it was with someone else who was a sking expert and they always handled the planning and everything.

This time I'm the expert LOL. We have a great house on Empire right across the street from park city resort.

What I'm wanting advice on is what type of things can I call ahead and take care of in advance and avoid lines, delays etc. or just make things more smooth in general.

We'd like to do a lesson with 6 adults together in a group and the kids in some type of class on their own. Is this possible? Is this something i can call ahead for?

Ski and boot rental, could this be done ahead of time or do you have to wait till you get there?

Lift tickets,......is that something you buy each day or do you buy in advance or what?

I'm really wanting to make this a great trip and not look back and say "I wish we would have done this or that different"

Another note is this. We are way under budget for the trip so I'm not saying price is not an option but we would much rather pay more and get more than take the cheap way out on anything we do.

Anybody feel like helping me?
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