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Going to Snowshoe, WV - tips?

I'm going with some friends to ski at Snowshoe WV. What are some things I should know before heading out? I'm somewhere between a beginner and an intermediate.

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if you are not all at the same level, nvr let one of your friends make u go down a hill u dont want to go down. When u get to the top of that hill and u are really really freaked out, dont do it, thats ur gut telling u ur not ready. i learned it the hard way, lol. not pretty. made it down ok, but i was so embarrassed b/c the ski patrol ppl saw me falling every step of the way down. its funny now, but it wasnt at the time.

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Im still a begginer... Is it advisable for me to go there too???
Gimme some differnt skiing techniques... Common, please gimme some tips
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The nothwest territory is long, and is about as steep typically as whitetail's limelight and snowdancer. There are a lot a long beginner runs that are pretty scenic. Stay away from caffeine while skiing, you will need to pee more often. Be careful about widowmaker, there are a lot of beginners who get stuck on it because the start is shallow. It gets to about 40-45 steep. Great run for good skiers. The far right side of the run is often icy. Silver spring is a good area for warm up runs/runs with fewer people.
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