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Help - Family Christmas Ski Vacation

We are a family of 6 (kids age 8, 6, 4, 9 months) and we want to take our first family ski trip during Christmas this year. I will ski some, the wife and kids probably just a little, baby in daycare. Any thoughts or recommendations on the best place for a family trip - here's a few thoughts that might help:

- Would like a nice resort that does the "Chrismas thing" well, but is not ridiculously crowded (if that's possible), but will have decent amount of snow in late December
- Would like a nice resort that does the "Chrismas thing" well, but is not ridiculously crowded (if that's possible), but will have decent amount of snow in late December
- Need great daycare and ski school for kids who have never skiied before
Would like a resort/condo where everything is "right there" at the base of the mountain - daycare, ski school, restaurants, shopping, ice skating, other activites for kids, etc.
- Probably will stick to one location (don't want to drive to many different mountains) so would like it to "have it all"
- Want lots of other things to do for the kids - tubing, ice skating, sleigh rides, snow mobile, etc.
- A nice quaint town with shopping, restaurants, etc. as close to mountain as possible
Does this perfect family ski resort exist? (will be flying out of Atlanta) Thanks in advance!

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Have you thought about Big White in BC, Canada? The facilities for kids is great with day centers and ski school for all ages. Check out the kids ski school. Some of the nicest accommodation here with indoor pool gym etc -www.specialskivacations.com

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I'd recommend Sun Peaks Resort. It's a great resort, with plenty for the kids to do. There isn't a massive night life, but they do Christmas well and it's a great resort for your requirements. I can recommend the Delta (not stayed at any of the other hotels, although I'm told Cahilty is good).
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I would not plan anything in the northeast because it is too unpredictable. As much as I would like to tell you to come to Smugglers Notch or Magic Mountain I would not risk it in December. Definitely consider it another time of the year though. (late Feb early March) Smugglers has everything you posted that you are looking for and Magic has a throw back feel to it you don't get at most resorts. (Magic is only open Fri-Mon except after a 6+ inch storm) Good luck.
Vermont Ski Resorts

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For whatever it's worth, I think that Breckenridge may do the child stuff very well (their ski school and their reception - someone greets and registers you right away when you enter, and you can drop little ones off 30 min. or so prior to lesson start, instead of hauling them to the hill; the most room for improvement re. drop off experience is IMHO Winter Park). The town is nice but probably very crowded (you even get Denver crowds on weekends). I am not sure if there is a place that's not crowded at that time.
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