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How's Keystone?

Hi Everybody,

First Time Poster!

My wife and I are starting to think about taking the family on a ski vacation out West over the holidays, or maybe even into February (Is there a "Best Time" to go?).

We all ski all winter long at a small resort in North West NY, and have made a few trips up to Vermont to ski at Stowe because we have some family up there, but we're looking to take the kids (11 and 13) on a blowout vacation this year and we thought this would be a great way to do it.

Any advice? A friend of mine suggested we look at Keystone resort (closest to Denver), but I honestly can't tell what is the best place to go. Has anyone been there before who can speak for it?

Thanks! Any help appreciated!

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I suggest that you look into this list of wonderful ski resorts. I've heard Snowbird is starting to rain snows now. But my personal favorite is Park City or Whistler. Here's the link check out some of it. http://www.skiorganizers.com/-pl-101-dest-CAWH-.htm
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