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Meribel during altitude festival - a bad idea??

I was about to book a week in Meribel in March for me and a few friends. We're on a tight budget but we want to make sure we've got enough money to go out and enjoy ourselves. I've just found out the week we were going to book (20th-27th March) is the week of the Altitude Festival. On the one hand this means theres loads of entertainment on in all the bars, but on the other hand it means we need to budget about another 120 for getting into bars. From what I can see the Altiude Festival takes over all the main bars and holds events in them meaning you have to pay to get in them. And if like me and my mates you like to have a drink in one bar then move onto the next and so on, you don't really have the option unless you want to pay to get in every bar. I know there are a few free events but these are bound to be so rammed it will be annoying.

I'm seriously thinking of choosing a different resort because of this. Has anyone been in Meribel for the Altitude Festival and if so what are your experiences?? I'm not being a Killjoy cos I'm sure it would be great with plenty of money. But for a group of people trying to do a top holiday on the cheap it looks like a spanner in the works!
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