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Ski Town/Resort for family?


I just signed up to the forum to ask a little advice for an upcoming winter ski vacation with my family. My family consists of myself (expert), sister (expert), father (advanced), grandfather (advanced), and mother and grandmother who don't ski. I was wondering if people had suggestions as to western resorts with good terrain for the skiers and a good town for the nonskiers as we are looking to visit some new areas that preferably are not too hard to get to.

For a few years we have been visiting Park City (where my sister worked) and the surrounding ski areas and I guess we are looking for something similar (perhaps a flatter town for my mother/grandmother). We have also visited Steamboat, Breckenridge, and Whistler.

Just looking for a fun town for the nonskiers and good snow, albeit father/grandfather are powder averse and prefer groomed intermediates (i.e. an Alta/Snowbird trip did not fly so well). Anyway accommodating the folks takes priority over the skiing. Thanks!
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