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Ski trip to Chile?

Hey all,

I'm deployed with the US Army right now, and I'm pretty much set on taking a ski trip to Chile for my R&R. I know there's a few resorts within a reasonable drive from Santiago. I did check other threads, most seemed pretty old regarding my subject, so I'm making a new thread for that reason.

Here are my questions:

1) I won't be staying at the resort, but an apartment on the east side of Santiago, what are some of the best places to ski soley based on the mountain, and not the resort it self?

2) I'm really interested in heli-skiing, does anyone have any experience with any of the companies down there? I saw one of the resorts run their own service, but I assumed it would be way overpriced, with it being a resort service.

3) Since I won't be staying at a resort, how reasonable are the rental car services over there?

4) I'll also be going early June, is that a good time to go as far as snow conditions are concerned?

I know these seem like questions I could easily search for and find the answers, however I all of the sites I try to get this information from are mostly tourism and travel agent sites. Of course, they're just trying to make a buck, so I wanted to know from someone who has experience. Thanks in advance!

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If it is okay with you, I'll recommend a site about ski experts and can answer all your questions about skiing in CHile. They have also snow forecast about the specifice place you want to stay for ski. Chile is a wonderful place with wonderful people. Here's the link:

Chile Ski Fun | Ski Vacation
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